Our Story part 17

We think that the most value comes through teaching people to be able to eventually write some of their own content. It’s not the right option for everyone, but for some people we see that as being the most efficient way to make sure that your website always has current content, and the fresher that… Continue reading Our Story part 17

Our Story part 16

In college, we were taught that our DUTY as developers was to empower the ‘Less Technical’ people to use technology in EASIER ways.   We think that we are able to do that in many different areas.. and we think that our strategy of helping YOU can lead to some great success. Developers and SysAdmins can’t… Continue reading Our Story part 16

Our Story part 15

It is called ‘Homogenization’ when people believe that everyone should be the same.  I don’t want YOU to become a geek.  I don’t preach that YOU learn to write software.  But we believe that we have some solutions that are superior to what other companies can deliver. We believe that OUR expertise plus YOUR creative… Continue reading Our Story part 15

Our Story part 14

We KNOW from our first-hand experience that NOT everyone is going to instantly know how to setup Nginx and an interpreter for PHP in an ideal configuration.  But we are confident that for now, we have the right solution, and we continue to invest a lot of time in working on additional backend solutions.   Not… Continue reading Our Story part 14

Our Story part 13

But life isn’t as simple as it sounds.  If you goto GoDaddy, and you sign up for their solution, you are going to be stuck with inferior technology,  and you will be bled dry by monthly fees.  We don’t think that their platform (called cPanel) is really very effective for anyone.  I mean, they take… Continue reading Our Story part 13

Our Story part 12

I believe that everyone that knows how to use Microsoft Word can learn how to enjoy writing portions of their own website, and after preaching about the democratization of Microsoft Office for the last 20 years, we believe that YOU can learn how to write your own articles.  YOU know what you want to say,… Continue reading Our Story part 12