My #1 Favorite Website Monitoring Tool

Now in the spirit of sharing good cheer to our friends and partners in need, I have to take a minute to say a big THANK YOU to the services offered by Pingdom over the years. I’m always recommending to people that they sign up for your website monitoring plans, but I’m never making much… Continue reading My #1 Favorite Website Monitoring Tool

The Golden Rule About Website Performance (#1 and #2)

In my estimation, about 70 percent of performance optimizations are a waste of time and effort. In the web hosting market, I constantly see a race to the bottom. A race to provide LESS RESOURCES on a shared hosting experience, and to provide subpar tech support at troubleshooting the problem. When does a performance problem… Continue reading The Golden Rule About Website Performance (#1 and #2)

Our Story part 17

We think that the most value comes through teaching people to be able to eventually write some of their own content. It’s not the right option for everyone, but for some people we see that as being the most efficient way to make sure that your website always has current content, and the fresher that… Continue reading Our Story part 17