We are a small team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. Our founder, Aaron Kempf has led a dozen ‘Million Dollar Projects’ over the years, and has worked on some amazing teams over the years. Sometimes, Aaron worked as a ‘FullStack Developer’ but that was a decade before that phrase became popular.

Whether developing Websites, Databases, or Screen-Scraping solutions, Aaron believes in the value of a creative solution. To be honest, it was about a decade ago that he fell ‘Heads-Over-Heels’ in love with WordPress. When Aaron entered the technology world, it was as if databases were the most amazing technology anywhere. We still believe that databases are amazing… but the bottom line is that having thousands of developers, recreating the same website every day, that does not deliver an ideal solution.

When normal people look at the Apple App Store, they are amazed at the possibilities. Well, we fell in love with the ‘WordPress App Store’ before the iPhone, iPad and iPod entered the marketplace. We would love to have a chance to show you some options. We see WordPress as the center of the technology world, and we are not sure that will change anytime soon.

If you want to talk to about your project needs, send me a message:

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