Most Important Questions from the Solarwinds Recent Hacks

I know that there is a LOT of news about SolarWindws getting hacked. It doesn’t give me a TON of confidence when the companies are raising their hands to say ‘We Have Been Clean Since June’. Being clean since June still doesn’t excuse JACK SHIT, and then there are people in the news that blatantly point to hostile code still being published.

I love SolarWinds. They are famous, and without a doubt one of my favorite software companies. They build a lot of free, commercial and open source tools. Things like monitoring event logs, it has a simple little tool.

This attack, is literally a trillion dollar problem at least already. I’m forecasting that there is no doubt that this is a trillion dollar damage attack. I have NO DOUBT that this style of attack will give me MORE confidence in Solarwinds, not less.

When a company the size of Microsoft goes on the OFFENSIVE to shut down a malware distribution network, I mean Microsoft is a JUGGERNAUT in every sense of the world, and it’s apparent that Microsoft is going to war on this attack and not going to rest until the damage is known to be stopped.

We have HUGE questions, maybe they will never be ANSWERED.

Was the Nuclear Football Ever Jeopardized? Did this effect the election? When will we learn more specifics about the actions of Microsoft and the war they started a few days back.

Aaron’s Thoughts

I can’t wait to vote my level of support to Solarwinds by stealing their badge and listing them as a preferred vendor. I literally insist that every client I deal with listen to my rant, I just can’t and won’t troubleshoot performance problems without quantifiable data and metrics to show me trends. I will vote for SolarWInds monitoring over the Google Search Console, and I don’t care what it costs.

I will not spend a full 60 minutes looking at a security or performance issue unless the customer is enrolled either as a free trial or a paid customer for Pingdom Website Monitoring. It’s not worth the time to look at these problems without a long history of performance metrics over time. And then we ALSO need to manually build a spreadsheet where we can keep notes and scripts for actual changes made, when where, why and who authorized it.

Having actionable metrics, and a baseline of performance, and a series of tests setup to check in on the website and store the perf metrics every half hour that is the first step on every project. But Pingdom website monitoring isn’t the ONLY type of website monitoring that people (whether YOU, me a developer or SOMEONE does). It just needs to get discussed, documented and done.

Four Different Types of Website Monitoring for every project (In Production)

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