A pause for a tribute to MySpace

Someday, we will write a tribute to MySpace.  It was a pioneer and a monolith.

That system taught more people about HTML than any other system of all time. That website deserves a Gold Star, for encouraging people to build and beautify their home page. You could customize to their hearts content.

It was what 16 years ago that mySpace was allowing people to share their videos with their friends. MySpace wasn’t CONTROLLED by the media like YouTube is. MySpace had more freedom to allow people to share their data.

Oh, what I wouldn’t give just to be able to peer at the Music Video Catalog on that site using Modern Tools.

What I wouldn’t give to get a simple list in text format, of every youtube video ever made that was playing the BEATLES that was authorized by someone in the know. I mean, being able to point to a video and say “I approve this video being posted online” I don’t know how the hell it gets done in the modern day world.

But I’d love to look at a system that was pristine before the money-hungry monopolies of Apple and Google turned everyone into a goddamn monthly subscriber.

I think that people should be able to share playlists with their friends. I have a wildly different opinion of youtube than 79 % PERCENT OF THE PEOPLE who just mindlessly stare at their screen and then mutter incoherently:

Dude you should check this video out, see!?!!?

Every Youtube Fan Ever

Allowing someone to GLANCE at a picture of the video doesn’t allow someone to uniquely identify that video to be able to find it immediately with no other clues.

The desired action should be share, sendto . I mean email a link to someone so that THEY can see the video that you recomend. Maybe you DON’T like email, so you can send it via text, or via Facebook Messenger.

But nobody I know SHARES PLAYLISTS with each other. I should have a ‘Country Western’ group of friends who have a group-approved and managed set of Country Western music that they like.

Sharing data and sending someone a link is an ENTIRELY different process than pointing the screen at someone and expecting them to be able to extract a visual clue to be able to lookup the same video.

I wish that YouTube was one MASSIVE playlist generator.. and they just let the world loose and made playlists that can be VIEWED BY ALL (except Marcia and Susan). I wish that I could have a shared Family Playlist for helping me to share songs with my loved ones.

and I wish that my goddamn friends would share their playlists with me.

But MySpace, we should build an online tribute to that site. We can extract and demonstrate examples of the old side, and demonstrate the tags that were supported. It was like the Colossus, an invention that ushered in an era a hundred times bigger than anything before.

But it always goes back to being a story about databases. I mean, I should be cross posting part of this to my main Resume website at https://DatabaseAaron.com. Someday I’ll perfect the ability to cross polinate my OWN posts between my sites. But that isn’t my biggest or most pressing syndication requirement right now.

The world used to be a much simpler place.

That system was maybe 1000 times smaller than Facebook but having 1000 times fewer Database Servers and a 1000 times fewer Database Administrators was a texttbook example of how amazing SQL Server can perform at scale. Another example is how StackOverflow can manage millions of online arguments between millions of developers, and it never gets old. And their entire infrastructure was a mere 25 machines in 2014. Computers have gotten 40 times faster in the last 6 years. You know what I mean?

Damn technology fascinates me sometime.

If you have a dream, a passion, a hobby or an interest that has always been in your mind. We should sketch out some ideas of how you can change that vision from a few words into a Seminar Generating Profit machine. IF that is your goal. Once we know your goal, and THEN we can design a plan on how to get there.

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