Our Story part 9

Cheers, to the people who run the open-source community. The open-source community has conquered every industry that they have entered… It was JUST LIKE Microsoft was conquering every community that they entered just a dozen years ago.hhe fu

I mean, in 1997, when Microsoft had just steamrolled Novell as the last real competitor of ANY real heft, I know that the future is all arrows pointing UP for the Open-Source team.

We are glad that Open-Source software has grown into the market force that it is today. Even silly lists of open source tools are indespensible. Awesome-Python and Awesome-OpenSource.

Damn I wish there was a library for Awesome-MySQLFunctions or Awesome-MySQLStoredProcedures.  And seeking to answer some of my BIGGER issues, I’d love to see Awesome-SQLCLR and Awesome-mySQL-WordPress-AutomationScripts and Awesome-MSSQL-Functions.

Is there somewhere that I can submit those requests? I have a TON of libraries myself, and if I don’t find answers for those 6 or 8 items, shit I’ll gladly do it myself.

I know that Stored Procedures and Functions are not the most glamorous of topics.

And I know that it is strongly frowned upon, but I don’t know if it is explicitly forbidden to directly modify WordPress Content via Database Scripts, like ‘Auto Publish Old Products As Scheduled Posts’. I mean, in MY mind that’s a goddamn DATABASE script, not a ton of magical Php Loops and editing the Functions and Themes files.  I don’t edit other people’s code. Period.

Unless I fork it that is. And I’m not copyright thief, that is the last thing I’ll ever do. But if you ever want to BORROW someone elses website content, and push it through a translator in order to change it from English to Spanish.  I see that as a fundamental tool that is critical to my development, and I’ll be damned if I am taxed on a word by word basis to do shit like convert spanish to english.

Sometimes, in order to revolutionize something, all it takes is for ONE PERSON to grow sick and tired of nickel and dime taxes on a per page or per word count. Fuck That. I love syndication, and HELL YES I want to advertise my clients website to foreign clients. And I insist on doing this with a creative spirit, and not going to be another mindless slave pushing the same dollar UP the hill, and then DOWN the hill, a whole TEAM of ten people pushing around the same dollar.

Being able to transform content from one language to another, it’s not just possible to do this in Commercial or OpenSource software and APIs from Google and Microsoft and Yahoo. There are dozens of other similar tools to add value.

And in my opinion, the process of evaluating tools is of paramount performance.

More people need to be reviewing themes and plugins. I’m not wanting to FORK a theme, I just want to share my reccomendated THEMES and PLUGINS, Hereby I create a dedicated PAGE to each of those topics. Hopefully this page will be transformed into a page that shows a category of posts that are selected with the category known as ‘Favorite-Plugins’. and we also will provide ‘Favorite-Themes’.

There are HUNDREDS of thousands of people that publish their lists of favorite themes. I would rather turn this into a GIANT ONLINE argument, for the benefit of man-kind.

TOOLS and DATA and RECOMMENDATIONS and REVIEWS should be considered as MetaData, not complete content. and I’d like to someday insist that anyone using my websites in any way is authorizing me to use THEIR websites in  a similar and automatic and RETROACTIVE mechanism.

ONE of the items on my bucket list is to start writing reviews about MUSIC that I love. I want to pay other people to write reviews. I can extract LISTS of artists and songs and shit like that. I can automate a preview of being able to use music like that  using tools like Kodi I’m sure that wouldn’t take me a day to write. And I think that ripping MUSIC REVIEWS off of paywalled gardens like Apple and Spotify and YouTube and all these other evil bastards, I don’t just think that stealing our OWN content back from these ogligarchs, it’s not a mission in life, it’s an obligation to start sharing music reccomendations in a goddamn spreadsheet instead of a closed system like YouTube PREFERS to keep under it’s thumb.

I think that EVERY list of public playlists should be cataloged everywhere and free to query. We should be arguing about who the greatest Led Zeppelin guitarist is of ALL TIME.

Instead of mindlessly staring at youtube and turning the screen to your friend and saying:

Dude Check Out This Video

  • Every YouTube User Ever

If you care enough to spend half your day watching HOW TO videos. DO THE VERY LEAST COMMON EFFORT POSSIBLE and send that link to a friend if you like that YouTube video.

We have to WEAN our poor cousins off of this dry TEET that google sells to us at $20 bucks a month to PLAY MUSIC WHEN YOU ARE USING A SECOND APP. WTF. Fuck Google. and FUCK $65 a month for YouTube TV.

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