Our Story part 7

After leading DOZENS of ‘Million Dollar Projects’ over the years, we believe that ANY solution is inappropriate if it gives too much power to ONE company. When Facebook decided that businesses should start using a ‘Page’ instead of a ‘Profile’ there weren’t a lot of people that took them seriously.   I mean, nobody thought it was a big deal. I was irritated as heck.

Now,  Facebook has limited the ability to automatically post to a ‘Profile’ it’s because they want to SELL to you the ability to automatically post to a ‘Page’.  Facebook PROFILES still have a lot of popularity for people, places and things that aren’t related to a single person.  How many friends and clients do YOU know of that try to use a Facebook Profile as a marketing platform?  When Facebook controls your data, and they control who uses it, and when Facebook decides that they want to start CHARGING people to automatically post onto their network?

It’s their platform, they should have the FREEDOM to choose what they do with their own data, and what they do with YOUR data.  Using a platform like Facebook for everything means that you have to PAY Facebook in order to write a new POST to your fans. It’s ridiculous.

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