Our Story part 5

For example, when millions of people adopted Facebook as their main platform, it was as if nobody had ever learned anything over the last 20 years. When you use a solution that is oriented towards consumers, you are doomed to fail. Whether you talk about technology, services or infrastructure, any time that you rely on a CONSUMER piece of technology in order to run your BUSINESS, you have the potential for a lot of growing problems in the future. Let’s see a quick show of hands:

How many people have ever hit the 1gb limit in Microsoft Access? How about a show of hands, for how many people have run into the 2gb limit in Microsoft Excel? EEK!

I just don’t think that Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access should be used as a Relational Database. I mean, Programs like mySQL and SQL Server Express are SO much better than programs that are limited to  one, or a handful of users.

Using the right tool for the job is important and WordPress is the best tool for nearly ANY project. But if you want a different platform we can use nearly any platform you want. We have a lot of experience with Open-Source websites that run on Php.

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