Our Story Part 4

After working in the database world for 20 years… I learned the importance of data. But we feel like EVERY solution out there is tied to a single vendor. We feel that many people trust Apple or Google to magically give them all the answers, and we think that is potential problem.

We want YOU to own your own data, and we want YOU to be able to own your website, and to have the FREEDOM to outgrow our company, and to take your data, and your software somewhere else. We want to be able to do FREE to do what WE want to do with it. When you rely on a single vendor, you constantly have the possibility of getting screwed over.

We think that giving you the ability to control your own backups of your WordPress website is a great way to do this. So we have some tools to handover a website, without breaking anything. We have some tricks that we have learned over the years.

For starters, we separate the HOSTING process from the WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT part.  We think that being able to work with any vendor is just a fact of life. We think that developing websites  on our own web servers is a necessity.  But we are flexible.

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