Our Story part 17

We think that the most value comes through teaching people to be able to eventually write some of their own content. It’s not the right option for everyone, but for some people we see that as being the most efficient way to make sure that your website always has current content, and the fresher that your content is, the more traffic you will get from search engines.

I just know I have never found another developer that believes in End Users being able to write their own content. Most Developers LOVE billing you in 15 minute increments with a minimum monthly billing charge of 3 hours. Or whatever nonsense they come up with.

We think that life is too short to pass notes from one person to another to another and another who then finally subcontracts the work to an outside vendor with notes being passed yet again and again, nonstop.

The people who KNOW what needs to be said are the BEST PEOPLE TO DO THE WORK DIRECTLY.

WordPress is DESIGNED such that anyone that feels RELATIVELY comfortable with Microsoft Word can go ahead and hit the big black B button on the toolbar to bold a few words, and the underlined U button to underline and then throw in a few italics.  HTML is allowed, if you want more freedom, and if you’re an expert with new fangled publishing languages, MARKDOWN is an option that opens some interesting doors for some roles. Having a REAL editor to copy and paste content and make it look like what you want, I mean SOON we are going to have the ability to use a NICE editor like Windows Live Journal was, oh so many years ago.

Those were the best memories. It’s literally DESIGNED to support copying and pasting content from Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. and I just LOVE being able to embed pictures, right click COPY and right click PASTE. It’s so much easier than uploading and downloading for some tasks.

The process where a website gets built, and then changes are communicated to the developer, and then the developer does the work, we just see that as an error-prone process.

We believe in the ultimate EMPOWERMENT of technology, and for 25 years my job has been to enable less technical people to accomplish more technical things, without calling a programmer or SysAdmin.

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