Our Story part 16

In college, we were taught that our DUTY as developers was to empower the ‘Less Technical’ people to use technology in EASIER ways.   We think that we are able to do that in many different areas.. and we think that our strategy of helping YOU can lead to some great success.

Developers and SysAdmins can’t be successful without helping the common people. It’s been my number one goal, my number one desire and strategy to BE ABLE TO help people get into an affordable website. at ANY price point, we will NOT be undersold! (not guaranteed)

For 25 years, the Democratization of Business Intelligence. We build Adhoc Reporting tools to allow less technical people (Like Spreadsheet and PivotTable experts, I respect the HECK out of you).

I can’t wait to find a new client for SSAS Cubes. I hope that there is still a market for OLAP. I’m finally warming up to Tabular Data Model. I guess I should be making that joke on my DatabaseAaron.com blog.

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