Our Story part 15

It is called ‘Homogenization’ when people believe that everyone should be the same.  I don’t want YOU to become a geek.  I don’t preach that YOU learn to write software. 

But we believe that we have some solutions that are superior to what other companies can deliver. We believe that OUR expertise plus YOUR creative genius can spell SUCCESS for you! We have trained DOZENS of fulltime developers over the last 25 years, and looking forward to helping the next thousand LIFT OFF in their new web-based companies.  The sky is the limit!

There is NO DOUBT that one of the most vibrant and successful movements in the tech world today is towards Low-Code and No-Code options.

I’ve WORKED on projects with a million lines of code that need to be converted from MS Access to MSSQL. Things like that are unnecessary if you just simplify, and use the ‘Best In Breed Software’ like we do.

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