Our Story part 14

We KNOW from our first-hand experience that NOT everyone is going to instantly know how to setup Nginx and an interpreter for PHP in an ideal configuration.  But we are confident that for now, we have the right solution, and we continue to invest a lot of time in working on additional backend solutions.   Not everything needs to be reinvented every day.  The Developments in the Control Panel industry have given me a tremendous BREAK from the tedium of server rebuilds, and allowed me to focus on writing. and SALES MODE opens again soon.

At this time, we are working to become a contributor to one of the new up-and-coming control panel solutions.. but it takes time and effort. Every DAY I learn about new and exciting features of HestiaCP. I’m SO glad that VestaCP stagnated for close to 2 years, or else I never would have given them up. What would I have done, gone back to CPANEL? WTH?

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