Our Story part 13

But life isn’t as simple as it sounds.  If you goto GoDaddy, and you sign up for their solution, you are going to be stuck with inferior technology,  and you will be bled dry by monthly fees.  We don’t think that their platform (called cPanel) is really very effective for anyone.  I mean, they take a GREAT webserver, and then they FORK that solution into their own technology stack.  We prefer the ability to pick and choose from whatever ‘Control Panel’ we want to use.  We have spent thousands of hours playing with different ‘Control Panel’ solutions and they are wonderful in SOME ways, but they are scary to deal with in other ways.

We think that having a flexible Control Panel that flexibly allows us to use the BEST of apache in some situations and the best of Nginx in other situations. I mean there isn’t a single Hosting company in the WORLD that hasn’t moved to Nginx.  We just believe in the intelligence and importance to be able to configure things like that.

I was looking at a siteground client about 10 days ago. He had about 8 VERY complex page-builder sites on a single WordPress Multisite on the LOWEST level of Shared Hosting from SiteBuilder.

I did a LOT of reading before starting to throw around accusations.  But there aren’t many things that would make me want to go against the published BEST PRACTICES of a hosting company. But sometimes, these hosting companies introduce a GREAT NEW FEATURE like Nginx EVERYWHERE, it’s seamless, and it replaces the old Varnish Cache.

But it doesn’t do you any good when you have it turned off as an option in your control panel.  And the simple action of enabling WP Rocket disabled the rudimentary ‘Cache Everything Everywhere’ implementation that had been introduced to Siteground like it was some great new tech.  I’ve been using Proxies and Reverse Proxies for 20 years on everything that I do. THAT IS WHY I LOVE PROXIES because they are a single point to enforce LOGGING as an option.

In MY mind, the value of proxies allows for caching certain file types (it’s just a simple list of extensions in a big text field. There are some caching or hosting templates to choose to specialize your experience, and some new enhancements are still being worked on, to bring YOU better charts and reports. We are working on centralized and automated Log File Managment tools, as we have decided that is one of our biggest needs. Security.

But security means different things to you and me. Sometimes, it means TURNING ON or OFF features that other people WANT and NEED.  I just argue that if it’s got security implications, it should be configurable.

And I’m going to be writing up the ability to DELETE LOG ENTRIES in my hosting control panel. I think that it should be DROP DEAD SIMPLE to prevent that from being enabled.

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