Our Story part 10

Many people want a beautiful website, but they expect other people to write their magical website for them.  Many people are OK with paying someone who pays someone else who hires someone else to do their work for them.    We will be glad to do the first part, we can handle ongoing maintenance we have a variety of options to provide that service and peace of mind.  Some projects require more time than others, ideally it would be based on BlogPost Count, plus PageCount to define the package sizes. Someday we will talk about a perfect pricing system for content, and a more practical system, and then we can try to hash out the differences and reach a point in the middle.

It’s  not the writing of the content that is expensive.  But the first part of pricing needs to describe WHEN and WHO writes new content, and what and how we can support. We could start with an hour a month, or an hour a week, depending on your needs and expectations.

But for now, We offer our premium Website Maintenance, Administration and Support packages starting in 5 hour increments.

You can learn more about our maintenance packages towards the bottom of the page called Packages from the menu at the top.  5 hour increments, discounts for prepayment, and class, or caliber of Silver and Gold.  We have some wiggle room on the details. Let’s get a maintenance agreement contract that you are happy with, and then we can adopt to your needs., It’s ALWAYS the customer is always right no matter what., RIGHT?

Most websites of moderate complexity will be fine with an hour a month.  The 5 hour minimum increments should be incremented to a 6 hour reccomendation to allow for bi-annual billing. That is a lot easier than trying to bill 2.4 times a year, I hate billing.

The more time you can spend on allowing us to help you and your sites grow, the better.  But there are limits on everything.

Note To Self: Make a Reading List, and put the ‘Mythical Man Hour at the top of the list.  Increasing my READING not my development or other BS has to be my number one priority if I’m going to graduate my skills into being the Sr Editor that I need to be.

Building websites is easy. We will make this side of the window Pink, and the other side Yellow. We can use the MARQUEE html tag to splash some text slowly moving across the screen. Damn, I wonder what browsers still support Marquee. What a nice effect, it was BOUNTIFUL on early personal site builders like Geocities and MySpace.

If Only Website Builders like Geocities and MySpace were still around to help encourage real people to learn (and HOARD) their favorite snippets of HTML code. I mean, they even call HTML code, cute.

We believe that passing requirements around from vendor to partner to subcontractor and back and forth again is inherently an inefficient solution, and handing work from one person to another to another, we believe that leads to ERRORS and redundancy.  We believe in a different paradigm, to teach YOU how to run your own website!

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