The Rise Of Low-Code App Development

People ask me:

Aaron but WHY do you love WordPress so much?

Aaron is commonly asked

The answer is because I have seen TOO many websites that take 2 years to build that get replaced by a Junior Developer and a $10,000 budget. I mean, it HURTS when you pour two YEARS of your time into a platform. And if you have a team of 3 or 4 developers working for 2 years on a project, there isn’t anything in the world that can make a 2 million dollar project competitive with a $10,000 project.

WordPress can do amazing things. Whether you want an online store, or a chat room for hundreds of people who argue about the latest Hollywood Gossip. WordPress CAN and DOES lead the pack!

I know that it’s a vast oversimplification to claim that WordPress is just ONE TOOL in the Low Code phenomenon. It’s just the most wonderful App Store in the world, we prefer the WordPress app store to either Apple or Android.

But if you WANT an app, let us know we can deliver awesome data-driven apps on a great schedule and include a ton of additonal services. Things you NEED like automatic backups and deployment of changes using best in breed open source technology.

Forbes: The Rise Of Low-Code App Development.

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