What do you want to do with your life?

Do you have a hobby that you want to turn into a career? or do you have a career you want to launch into overdrive?

There are many types of projects, and lots of projects start small. Starting as a forum, where you and other fans can discuss a topic is a good strategy for some topics that grow quickly. We love being able to grow with your projects. With our options for a monthly update, we can produce results in our most natural speed, and we can leverage our other family of websites to see new ways to get ahead.

There are ALWAYS synergies to be made in one way or another. So if you want to strike a deal, drop us a NOTE!

Other projects need to display a bunch of photos like a Museum would, but in a variety of formats for each visitor. There are SO many different plugins in the WordPress theme repository and on Github that we are positive that we can start with development and get to a VERY productive state in a short amount of time.

Many projects can get a full launch for just the initial investment of only $299! What an amazing deal.

We also have various other arrangements that can help us both to grow with each other:

  • You help us to recruit new clients
  • Maybe you help us write some reviews of our work, or our favorite projects, tools and practices. We LOVE doing reviews like this.
  • We can trade services for services. Maybe you know a good mechanic, or you’re really good with writing. We LOVE good writers, we could eat them for Breakfast if that was allowed!
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