What do YOU want to build?

Q: Do you think that you can build the website you want by going to Wix?

A: Many people start that route, and then want more advanced features. Being able to give you a nice area to build some design ideas, allows us to work in parallel and can really optimize some workflows from the get-go., Actually Wix is a great place to start a site, but we recommend setting up a mixed environment so that we can produce a Wix website AND a WordPress platform. Seeing your progress in Wix, and allowing us to race along to the finish is a great productivity booster for the long haul!!

Q: Have you always thought that you had to hire a designer to build a great website?

A: We have a great network of designers within our company and as partners, and we work with literally dozens of stock photography vendors for additional areas for research.

And don’t tell Google, but we are building tools to automate slurping images from a simple Google Images Search. We love Google, we just know that we have to STAND UP and fight for our own rights and our own abilities. Google has enormous power, and they share some of that power with us. But that facts state that Google will be broken up in the antitrust court cases to come in the near future. That should foster a lot of new and exciting competition. And competition always helps the little guys, the startups and chess clubs that are hoping to etch out their own little corner of the internet.

Do you want a website that you can work on at any time on any device? It was only a few years ago that each website had to be tested on every new device and every new browser. Now we have modern tools like React and other responsive themes that can help our pictures to shrink and grow as we turn the orientation of the screen. Most of this hard work is provided by advancements in browsers and web servers over the years, but nothing would get done on a timeline like THIS if it wasn’t bringing together the greatest open source minds of ALL TIME!

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