Why Choose WordPress? part 2

When I worked on the Stock Exchange in Tacoma, it’s called Frank Russell, and they had this ‘Hub and Spoke’ architecture.  Yes, it was an interesting concept.  It basically changed the structure from having a bunch of Departmental Data-Marts to having a single enterprise-wide structure.  One database was the HUB and the rest of the databases were spokes. Technically, it is possible to have multiple Hub databases, but they all share data and one spoke doesn’t talk to another spoke (except through a hub).

Here is a better description:

As hub-and-spoke distribution models have helped revolutionize countless sectors, their translation into digital architectures is making significant inroads into data management for the modern company. Simply put, a hub-and-spoke model consists of a centralized architecture connecting to multiple spokes (nodes). It makes sense that this is considered the ideal paradigm for data integration solutions.

In fact, an interesting report published by Forrester Research a few years ago indicated that hub-and-spoke architectures were key to getting businesses to maximize the value of their data. We’re living in a “data is the new oil” era and most companies are aware that harnessing its power will be essential for future growth.


In my opinion, WordPress fills the role of the centralized HUB in a similar fashion.  You write the data ONCE, and then the data trickles out to a bunch of other destinations.

Now, I’m not saying that WordPress is the IDEAL data warehousing solution.  I’m just saying that WordPress is the BEST, MOST CONNECTED platform in the world.

I’m saying that EVEN IF WORDPRESS DIDN’T HAVE A WEB FRONT END it would still be the best choice for people that like to ‘Write Once’ and have that content magically trickle into other platforms like

  • LinkedIN
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Tumblr
  • Buffer
  • Xing
  • Pinterest
  • WordPress Multisite

I swear, even if WordPress DIDN’T have a website front-end, then the extensive Plugins available for WordPress would still make it the best  ETL tool available anywhere!

If you want to ‘Write Once’ then Contact Us.

Otherwise, feel free to manually write something in Facebook, and then copy and paste that same information into LinkiedIN and Pinterest and Tumbler.

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